Who We Are

Yana Maximova

Yana Maximova is an aspiring radio/investigative journalist. Born and raised in Russia, she immigrated to the US at the age of 18.  As a part of the KBOO investigative team, she has worked to uncover and understand ALEC’s position and influence in the area of immigration, education and legislation for sale. Yana recently had the opportunity to report from the UN Climate Summit in New York.



Don Merrill

Don Merrill has been a member at KBOO since June 2012.  In that time, he has been a regular volunteer with the KBOO news department, producing nearly 100 news stories.  He also has a station podcast program called “Between Us” in which he interviews local, regional, national and international luminaries in entertainment, science and politics for the KBOO news and public affairs blocs.  In 2014, he conducted a project to interview as many 2014 political candidates for Oregon executive, legislative and judicial offices as possible.



Sam Smith

Sam Smith was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and has been a volunteer with KBOO since Summer 2013. He has taken on diverse roles at KBOO, as a news reporter, soundboard operator, music host, and web designer.  Sam is interested in creating engaged multimedia that questions the barriers between audience and producer, and between reporter and activist.




sambSam Bouman was born in Chicago and lived among skyscrapers and corn until moving to Portland in 2011. He has been a KBOO volunteer since the summer of 2012, and began working in the newsroom that winter. He has written news stories, conducted interviews, edited audio, and acted as anchor and engineer. He is currently the Thursday Evening News Producer. In addition to ALEC, he has covered numerous stories relating to campaign finance, local environmental issues, and labor, among other issues.



Mike Klepfer has been a newsroom volunteer at KBOO since the summer of 2012. In that time, he has researched stories, written scripts, conducted interviews and edited short audio features. He covered the mayoral election and candidate debates, as well as producing the daily newscast.  His work has been published in the Southeast Examiner, as well as the Portland Alliance and the Portland Radicle.


About KBOO 90.7 FM

KBOO 90.7 FM is a volunteer powered, non-commerical, listener supported radio station based in Portland, Oregon.  On the air since 1968, KBOO has grown over the years to bring a wide variety of public affairs programming, in addition to music and cultural programming.  This includes an hour-long daily news program, with content contributed by listeners and volunteer reporters.  As both small and large media sources are folding throughout the region, KBOO news is increasingly a critical resource for those seeking uncensored, up-to-date, local information. Although KBOO has a shoestring budget, the station owns its own small building, and is proud of its up-to-date studio and recording technologies.  In March 2014, a team of five reporters and producers for the KBOO evening news came together for this project.

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